Lumber Prices

As of 2-13-2017

Select/ FAS

All wood subject to prior sale

Special Orders welcome with adequate time to dry and saw

Large orders at discount up to container loads

No minimum order

Species Thickness Price

Ash 4/4 $3.50

Ash 4/4 >10” $3.65

Ash 8/4  $4.45

Cherry 4/4 $5.50

Cherry 4/4 $5.75 >10″

Cherry 8/4 $6.00

Hard Maple 4/4 3.65

Hard Maple 4/4 3.85 >10″

Hard Maple 8/4 4.75

Poplar 4/4 2.25

Poplar 4/4 2.45 >10″

Poplar 8/4 2.85

Red Oak 4/4 3.45

Red Oak 4/4 3.55 >10″

Red Oak 8/4 4.00

Soft Maple 4/4 3.20

Ambrosia Maple 4/4 3.10

Walnut 4/4 5.75

Walnut 4/4 6.00 >10″

Walnut 8/4 6.75 8” and less

White Oak 4/4 3.45

White Oak 8/4 4.75

Other species that are odd and unusual when available (Holly, Red River Birch, Red Cedar)

HUNDREDS of slabs in width of 12” to 51” wide

Burl and slabs for coffee table, live edge furniture also available

Turning Blanks in burl and standard stock are green

Large slabs are air dried and then kiln dried upon purchase if not already kiln dried



Call 704-258-8985 or email

Hours Monday-Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-3 but call first to ensure I am available

The gallery of slabs are representative of the slab available. Currently, large slabs in Walnut, Deodar cedar, Ambrosia Maple in various states of drying and availability. Sizes for slabs range from 14″ to as large a 51″ wide and lengths up to 16 feet.


Some material that will be available in the near future will be Sycamore slabs, Red Maple Burl Slabs, and Cherry slabs. Almost any size can be accommodated, but time may be required to saw and dry. Finishing also available for an additional charge or have one of the superb craftsmen at the right design something one of a kind and amazing.